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Learn about the Mallory family and follow their adventures. Will the children continue in Dan’s footsteps or do they have quests of their own?
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Click here to listen to ‘Challenge’, a composition created by Mark Rutherford in tribute to the Mallory Everest Expedition, please click here.

For some families, roughing it can mean a spring weekend at an unheated cottage. Maybe even without indoor plumbing.

The five members of the Mallory family require the promise of a substantially larger dose of adrenaline to kick-start their interest.

In May 2008, they became the first family of four to successfully summit Mt. Everest – the world’s tallest peak.

Risking rock falls and ice avalanches, they crawled on aluminum ladders tied together with thin ropes across deep crevasses, on a path of increasing danger.

“It was a sobering experience to hear about people dying even as we continued to climb. In fact, as we made our way up the trail we passed a dead climber whose frozen body looked as if it had been lying there for several years,” recalls Alan, who was 23 at the time of the climb. “Bodies that are lying close to crevasses or cliffs are sometimes pushed over so there aren’t corpses littering the trail. It sounds grim, but that’s the way it is.”

You can learn of the hard-won lessons of teamwork, endurance and living a dream while watching the journey come alive once more via photographs and video clips.

Hear the stories, see the pictures, live the adventure.

Then it’s your turn to dream. And act.


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